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Recorder and Violin Groups

Violin and Recorder Groups


Being able to go to the Opera House is a fantastic opportunity. I love playing my violin with hundreds of people. The sound is absolutely amazing!

At the Opera House this year we played three songs. One of the songs the violins played with the recorders. Ellison also had lots of recorder players. The rehearsals were just as much fun as the performance. The conductors make it fun by making up interesting ways to remember parts of the music like pretending we are pirates.

I have gone to the Opera House four times and sadly this was my last year. I will miss going greatly but I am sure there will be many more exciting opportunities in high school as well. Performing at the Opera House has brought many amazing memories that I will never forget!

Thank you Mrs Parry for making these memories possible.




In 2018 two new players joined us in recorders, which is fantastic, but sadly it was the last performance for three of our team.  Annabel, who has been playing with us for four years and Lana are heading to high school next year. Zoe N will be concentrating on her flute and dance. They will all be greatly missed.  Great work girls and thank you for sharing with us these fabulous performances.

Now, in the words of our fabulous musicians - ‘It is the most phenomenal and triumphant experience ever.’ ‘We love to learn and play new music each year.’ ‘We learn skills and have experiences that will be with us for the rest of our lives.’ ‘It is a bit stressful but you feel really calm once we start to play.’  ‘It is so cool listening to the 600 other recorders playing in the Opera House.’  ‘We believe we were the best recorder players in the whole performance.’  ‘Each year it just gets better and better.’ We can’t wait for next year's performance!  I couldn’t say it any better!