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In 2018, three separate dance groups were formed who all successfully auditioned for inclusion in the Blue Mountains Nepean Dance Festival. The festival was held late in Term 3 and was a definite highlight for all students involved.

The Year 4 dance group performed an energetic dance routine to the song 'Wildside' and looked fabulous in their feather-adorned costume.

The Year 5 dance group, performing to the song 'Better When I’m Dancing', took advantage of the opportunity to showcase their skills in leaps, jumps and turns as well as impressing with their fun choreography.

The Year 6 dance group thoroughly enjoyed developing and presenting their dance item performed to the song 'Coming Home'.

The students received excellent feedback from those attending the festival. They were excited and proud to be able to show the products of all of their hard work anddedication back at school learning and fine tuning their routines in their own time.

Dance Group 1

Dance Group 2