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Our Comet Newspaper


'The Ellison Comet' is the name for our School Newspaper. It was first produced in 1991 after an idea from the P & C President, Mr Bill Fischer.

It is a joint effort of the children, parents and staff of the school. 6,000 copies of this paper are produced and distributed in the mid mountains area. While the production of this paper is a significant part of the School Fundraising, this is not the sole purpose of the publication. All children with the support of parents and teachers are involved in all aspects of production from selling advertisements, artwork, writing editorial material, computer keyboard skills, layout and distribution. The producers of the paper do not see advertisements as a type of donation. What is being offered is a service which it is hoped provides excellent value for money. Each year all of those involved in this exciting concept work hard to improve the paper in all ways.

Ten of the Best (2000)

The year 2000, was the tenth edition of the Comet and was produced entirely on the iMac using Pagemaker. No more cut and paste up sheets! We even did our own scanning of photos and drawings. It was sent to Rural Press on a CD and printed directly from this.

The Comet is a documented history of Ellison Public School and as such is a favourite of young readers. A School's reputation is created by the people who come into contact with it over the years.

The Comet Newspaper process is a true demonstration of the value of staff, parents and students working together with a shared purpose. The talents and efforts that have produced the ten editions of the Comet are displayed in each main front page shown here and they evoke memories of past students, staff and parents and give rise to the question: "What will the next ten year bring?"

Comet Celebrates 20 Years (2010)

The year 2010 and Comet celebrates 20 years. The Comet is still produced on an iMac but we are now using Adobe Indesign and it is now sent directly to Rural Press via the internet as a PDF file.

The Ellison Comet: 1991-1999

The Ellison Comet: 2000-2008

The Ellison Comet: 2009-2017

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