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Swimming Carnival 2021

Our school swimming carnival was held on Monday 8th February 2021 at Lawson Pool. The atmosphere was a bit different this year with no parents allowed but the students still enjoyed their day.

The winning house was LILLEE.

Age Champions

8 yrs     Aliera Tredoux             Jaxon Grosse

9 yrs     Isabella Gill                  Jonte Fairbaird

10 yrs   Amalia Tredoux           Jimmy Bowman

11 yrs   Maggie Becker             Angus Rogers

12 yrs   Lyla Douglas                Kael Roots

Zone Swimming Carnival 2021

The annual PSSA Zone Swimming Carnival was held at Glenbrook on Friday 19th February 2021. Congratulations to all our qualifying students. You all did an awesome job on the day of swimming your best, representing your school with pride and encouraging and supporting others. Well done!

Overall Ellison placed 5th out of 19 schools.

A special mention to the following students who achieved places in the top ten at Zone:

Maggie Becker - 4th Open 100m Free, 6th 11yrs Backstroke,   6th 11yrs Free, 10th 11yrs Breaststroke, 5th 11yrs Butterfly

Sophie Knight - 6th Open 100m Free, 3rd Snr Backstroke

Kael Roots - 10th Open 100m Free, 10th Snr Butterfly

Jimmy Bowman - 3rd Jnr Backstroke, 3rd 10yrs Free, 1st Jnr Butterfly

Mila Galeta - 7th 11yrs Backstroke    

Angus Rogers  - 7th 11yrs Backstroke

Lyla Douglas - 5th Snr Backstroke , 5th 12yrs Free, 1st Snr Breaststroke, 3rd Snr Butterfly

Aliera Tredoux - 8th 8yrs Free                

Hannah Jones - 9th 8yrs Free

Isabella Gill - 8th 9yrs Free

Jonte Fairbairn - 8th 9yrs Free

Amalia Tredoux - 8th 10yrs Free, 1st Jnr Breaststroke, 5th Jnr Butterfly

Zoe Mein - 5th 11yrs Free

Lucas Paton - 3rd Jnr Breaststroke

Leo Zeballas - 4th Jnr Breaststroke

Isabella O’Connell - 5th Snr Breaststroke

Rori Bowman - 10th 11yrs Butterfly

Elouise Tailford - 5th Snr Butterfly

Jnr Boys Relay 6th - Kai Justic, Jonte Faiarbairn, Jimmy Bowman, Leo Zeballas

Snr Girls Relay 3rd -  Maggie Becker, Zoe Mein, Lyla Douglas, Isabella O’Connell

Snr Boys Relay 8th -  Angus Rogers, Kael Roots, Oliver Cusack, Joshua Benaud.

Congratulations to Amalia, Lyla, Jimmy and our Girls Senior Relay Team (Maggie, Zoe, Lyla and Isabella) who will now go on to represent at Regional in March.

Regional Swimming Carnival 2021

On Wednesday 17th March, six students represented Ellison at the Regional Swimming Carnival.

Lyla Douglas, Zoe Mein, Maggie Becker and Isabella O'Connell came 16 overall out of 30 in the Senior Relay.

Lyla came 14th overall in the Senior Girls' Breaststroke.  

Jimmy Bowman came 12th overall in the Junior Butterfly and the 10 years 50m Freestyle.  

Amalia Tredoux came 11th overall in the Junior Breaststroke.  

Well done to our students for representing our school at a high level.

State Swimming Carnival 2021