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Hi, my name is Amelia Kernbrey and I love being a library monitor. I love everything about this Year Six leadership position. from putting books away to just helping out. Library monitor jobs include putting away books, setting up the library on Tuesdays and Thursdays and opening and closing the library.

I had originally wanted to be a School Captain, but when I didn't make it through, I realized that being a library monitor was right for me.

My favourite book series is Skulduggery Pleasant. which is by Derek Landy. I think that Enid Blyton books got me into reading and then I moved onto harder series. I hope that in future years, many people find great joy in being a library monitor. 

Here's a joke: 

"Why did people stop going to the library?" 

"It was all booked!"

Happy reading!


Hi. my name is Annabel Lackey and I am a library monitor. I have always loved books since I was little and was able to read. My absolute favourite book series is The Hunger Games' which I have read so many times. When I was younger I enjoyed the Enid Blyton series The Famous Five'.

One of my favourite library jokes is -

"Why did the ghost go to the library even day?"

"Because he went through the books too quickly!"

Helping out in the library is simple and super fun! Library monitor jobs include getting up and packing up on Tuesday and Thursday lunch times, and opening/closing the library in the mornings and afternoons.

I love my job as a library monitor and can't wait to continue for the rest of the year. 


My name is Ellen Henderson and I am a Library Monitor for Ellison this year. I love many books but my favourite book series is Harry Potter, I have always wanted to go to Hogwarts ever since reading the series. 

I have always wanted to be a Library Monitor since Kindergarten. I always enjoy putting the books away and helping around the Library with my friends. 

Here are two jokes!

"Why did Shakespeare write with ink?"

"Because he couldn't decide whether to use 2B or not 2B!"

"My father gave me a really cheap dictionary for my birthday." 

"I couldn't find the words to thank him!" 

Next year when I'm in high school I hope that the library will still be running well and that many students are enjoying all the books! 


Hi, my name is Lana Cott and I'm a library monitor fir 2018. I really like the role of being a library monitor. I have always wanted to do it since kindergarten. 

It's fun and enjoyable. You get to help out in the library as well as learn many different skills. The best part about being a library monitor is helping set up for lunch time activities and opening and closing the library daily. It's also really fun to scan books and put them away. it feels like you're a teacher!

A good book I'm reading right now is called Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, I highly recommend it. I really think this years book fair was one of the best, because we were all great. hardworking library monitors that made it super fun for everyone!


Hi I'm Remmy Thorne and I love my job as library monitor. My sister was a library monitor when she was in Year 6, and I knew I wanted to be one too. I think books are amazing because they are like a portal to another world. and when you read a good book nothing else really matters but the book.

Jobs as a library monitor are such fin and include setting up the library on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes, and opening/closing the library in the morning and Afternoons. The Ellison library has many great books to read. Some of my favourite books are: The Hunger Games. Skulduggery Pleasant and Anne of Green Gables.

"What books do planets like to read?"

"Comet books!"