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So, it was the end of term and all of Year 5 were missing, where were they? We had all departed for Brewongle Earthkeeper's camp.

During our two night stay, we learnt lots about the environment and earth and how to take care of it. There were plenty of fun activities, one that we all especially enjoyed was the wildlife show on the first night. 

We visited ‘magic spots’ where we found our own place in nature and recorded our feelings in our Brewongle diaries. Part of our camp meant earning our ‘K’ and ‘E' keys - the first steps in becoming fully fledged Earthkeepers.

The camp was so much fun. Brewongle experience we won't forget!

Abbie Rose Whale and Elodie Barkley

Milson Island Camp

What is one of the biggest highlights on the Year 6 calendar?

It would have to be the Milson Island Camp. At the end of Term 1 year 6 got to experience five fun filled days of camping at Milson Island.

Milson Island Camp is situated on the Hawkesbury River, It's an exciting and challenging camp that pushes you outside of your comfort zone _ There were numerous activities that everyone tried, including kayaking, giant swing and abseiling that were exciting and thrilling, with an element of risk involved.

Each night, all of the students (including those from other schools) went to the impressive recreation hall and did the ‘Night Show'. Some of the activities include: Games Night, the Mini Olympics, Milson Markets and Trivia Night.

The camp leaders were fantastic. They helped us when we needed it and encouraged us to participate and to ‘have a go’. The food was delicious and the accommodation was comfortable. We did get some free time where we could spend time in the pool or on the basketball court.

Some of the other activities that we enjoyed were: fencing, archery and fishing. We also did a cook out where we had to cook our own lunch - some people were pretty hungry after that!

Overall, the experience was positive and something that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Year 6 would like to thank Mrs Nicolle, Ms Boundy and Mrs Chin for giving up their time to come to this amazing camp with us.

Isabelle Denshey